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The Brandster

Aluminum Handle Rapid Speed Adjustable Wire Ball Bearing Skipping Rope Jump Rope

Aluminum Handle Rapid Speed Adjustable Wire Ball Bearing Skipping Rope Jump Rope

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Brand:  The Brandster
Special Feature: Slip Resistant, Adjustable Length
Material: Metal
Handle material: Plastic

Key Features:

  • SUPER SONIC SPEED: Prepare to crush it like never before with the NEW and improved The Brandster workout jump rope for serious athletes! Designed to be FASTER than ever, so you can make better progress, train harder, and break your goals in record time.
  • BUILT AS TOUGH AS YOU ARE: This jump rope is made of high quality material. It is designed to be used outdoors, indoors, or any rough surfaces. These jump Ropes are build to last for a long time. Designed with serious athletes in mind, The Brandster exercise jump rope provides lasting durability. Its flexible speed and power cables won’t kink, splinter, or snap.
  • SELF-LOCKING ADJUSTMENT WITHOUT CUTTING: This self-locking and screw-free adjustable jump rope solve the problem that the adjustment of other jump rope needed cutting with pliers and locking with screws in the past.
  • GREAT FITNESS: The exercise skipping rope can shape your cardio endurance, stamina and speed, while improving the muscle tension of your whole body. 10 minutes everyday, which can effectively improve your cardiopulmonary functions and endurance, also can help you lose weight.
  • FULL BODY BOOST: Make major progress on your fitness journey with The Brandster. Increase your cardio capacity, balance, agility, speed, coordination, conditioning, and endurance for a full-body and mind workout from anywhere!

The Brandster jump rope used by various athletes as a principal exercise in their workouts, it is a respected discipline within the fitness industry that can provide a number of benefits. These include arm and core conditioning, strengthening of the shoulders, improved cardiovascular endurance, training fast twitch muscle fibers, working and toning the glutes, calves, quads and hamstrings as well as improving coordination.

Adjustable Rope

Stainless steel rope protected by PVC sheathing, this rope is built to last. The combination of these two materials also maximum its service life and avoids cracking or breaking.

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