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Prime Solutions

500,000 BTU Liquefied Gas Propane Weed Burner Torch LPG Flame Thrower Weed Killer with 3m Hose Pipe One-Push Electronic Button Igniter

500,000 BTU Liquefied Gas Propane Weed Burner Torch LPG Flame Thrower Weed Killer with 3m Hose Pipe One-Push Electronic Button Igniter

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Prime Solutions Portable 500,000 BTU Liquefied Gas Propane Fire Weeding Torch LPG Electronic Flamethrower Heating Weed Burner Torch, 3 Meter Hose Pipe

>Brand: Prime Solutions
>Color: Multicolor
>Molded handle for easy grip and comfort
>Integrated self-lighting ignition for quick flame
>Leak proof interface
>Oil resistant
>Precision die casting switch valve

>Gas Pipe: High Pressure Rubber
>Handle Material: Nylon
>BTU: 500,000
>Hose Length: 3M (9.84FT)
>Material: Brass + Iron
>Item Weight: 1.8kg
>Steel Tip Diameter: 3/8
>Hose: 7/8"-14

1x LPG Gas Torch 61595 with 3m Hose OEM box and manual + Electric igniter

Get rid of all those unwanted weeds that are destroying your garden both virtually and secretly with Prime Solutions Weed Burner Torch. It has switch valves that help with better sealing so that there aren’t any leakages. Seamless nozzle, strong firepower and concentrated injection provide you the best weed removing technology. With its excellent LPG joint and Leak proof interface, it is one of the best ways to remove weeds out there. Prime Solutions Weed Burner Torch is a multipurpose welding tool that can be used for weeding and melting ice. It is a lightweight and compact device which can be easily carried from one place to another.

>This weed burner package is a versatile kit that comes with all the tools necessary for clearing weeds and other overgrowth. The Seamless Nozzle Heavy Duty Torch is perfect for cutting through tough weeds and grasses, while the high pressure rubber 3 m/9.8 ft hose makes it easy to remove weeds from hard to reach places.
>Hold the flamer and walk at a slow rate of 1 to 2 miles an hour along the weeds. Pass the flamer over each weed with a sweeping motion, touching each weed with the flame for no more than a split second (1/10 of a second). You need only apply enough heat to wilt the weeds but not burn them.
>Weed burners are typically used in conjunction with traditional herbicides and hand weeding to control weeds. Weed burner use can be categorized as foliar or soil applied. Foliar applications involve spraying the weed with a herbicide, thus burning the foliage of the weed and controlling it from below.
>A high-pressure gas pipe with a brass handle and 3 meters of steel hose. It is one of the most efficient tools for weed clearing. The Weed Burner is a powerful and effective way to get rid of unwanted weeds in anyone's garden.
>Prime Solutions Weed Burner Torch has a long and durable hard rubber handle that makes it easy to use and gives powerful reach with its long handle. The safety features of this tool are perfect for picking out the specific plants you need to destroy without the heat causing collateral damage to everything nearby as well. You do not have to worry about accidental injuries from using this great tool!

1. Never leave the propane torch unattended. Make sure to store the Torch in a safe, dry place whenever you are not using it.
2. Never point the torch towards anyone, including yourself, even if it is not used.
3. Never leave the torch at the reach of children.

NOTE: This item will be shipped from Australia with Australia-Wide Delivery Service. **During normal operation of Logistics/Courier services (excluding any disruption or congestion), delivery time-frame is about 5-7 business days for addresses in major cities, towns and urban settlements. There can be additional delay of couple of business days for rural addresses.

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