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The Brandster

Vacuum Insulated Stubby Can Cooler, Stainless Steel Beer Can Holder, 14oz/ 414ml

Vacuum Insulated Stubby Can Cooler, Stainless Steel Beer Can Holder, 14oz/ 414ml

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>Brand: The Brandster
>Color: Silver
>Non-Slip Base
>Black Silicone Ring
>Dishwasher safe
>BPA Free

>Size: 12.5 * 7.5 cm
>Weight: 271 gm
>Material: 304 stainless steel powdered coated
>Capacity: 14 oz (414ml)
>keeps drinks cold 8-10 hours

1x Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Can Cooler

The Brandster beer can cooler is a great product for those who are looking for an affordable yet high-quality beer cooler. It comes with a powdered coated, vacuum insulated 304 stainless steel construction that allows it to keep your beverages cold longer, and it's easy to clean as well. The Brandster beer can cooler can be used in many different ways. It can be used as a cooler for cans of beer, soda cans, and water bottles. It has an easy to use lid with a hand-hold so you can carry it around with ease. Here are the few more features of The Brandster beer can cooler which will make you to grab it instantly

>The Brandster is the perfect beer can cooler for outdoor or indoor events. It's made with an aluminum exterior and a powdered-coated interior that keeps drinks cold all day long and prevents condensation, making it easy to carry around and drink from anywhere.
>It has insulated walls and bottom that helps to keep your drink cold while you enjoy it outdoors. The can is not only convenient, but also sustainable thanks to its lightweight construction. No matter what you are drinking outside - beer, wine, soda - this device will keep it cool without sacrificing your ice and beverage quality.
>The Brandster beer can cooler is made of powder coated steel, giving it an extra durable finish that resists corrosion and scratching. The powder coating process leaves the surface of the can with a smooth finish that provides grip for optimal carrying and transporting.
>The Brandster beer can cooler is stylish enough to be a gift for any beer lover. It is also an excellent gift for friends and family who need some inspiration for their next barbecue or cheat day. This is an excellent gift idea that can help you and your friends enjoy a cold drink at a BBQ or summer party.
>The Brandster beer can cooler is a beverage holder that promises to keep your drink cold, regardless of the temperature. The product also has a built-in bottle opener and it can accommodate 14 oz bottles. The best beer can coolers will keep your drink cold for long hours! It is a portable, collapsible can cooler design that can hold up to 14 oz of beer.
>This beer can cooler is made of high-quality stainless steel and It is also compact and portable. It's carefully crafted from one piece and keeps cans cold for hours. It has a built-in thermometer that keeps your drinks cold and perfectly chilled all day long.

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