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The Brandster

Non Slip Stretchable Cotton Fabric Short Resistance Loop Bands for Men/Women

Non Slip Stretchable Cotton Fabric Short Resistance Loop Bands for Men/Women

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Brand: The Brandster
Color: Multicolour
Gender: Unisex
Cost-effective workout
Modify familiar exercises
Add variety to your workouts
Exercise safely
keeps you balanced
Strengthens muscles
Improves flexibility

Length:8*36CM(half) with Rubber logo
3 Resistance Resistance strength Level
Green (Light 15-30lbs)
Grey (Medium 25-40lbs)
Black (Heavy 35-60lbs)
Material: Cotton

Package includes
Combo of 3 short loop bands with different resistance levels (light, medium, heavy)

>The Brandster short loop bands are a great option for the gym goers who want to try something different. The grip on the band provides more stability and better control compared to other exercise bands. It has 3 different resistance levels, which makes it suitable for beginners as well as advanced athletes.
>The Brandster short loop band is a versatile and stylish accessory that can be used in a number of ways. It is a perfect combination of portability and functionality. Moreover it is a ready to use product so you do need to waste your time in attachment.
>Place the band on the floor and place one foot inside. Place the top of the band around your other ankle. Keep your knees together and raise your heel up towards your glutes. Pause at the top of the movement and then lower your ankle down under control and repeat for 10-15 repetitions.
>The Brandster short loop bands are an effective and versatile training tool that can be used to increase strength and stability in the upper and lower body . Bands are ideal for lateral movement exercises, hip and glute activation, and shoulder stabilisation. In addition to activating muscles, loop bands can be used to add additional resistance to exercises in order to improve strength, muscular endurance and postural balance.
>The Brandster short loop bands are a great addition to any type of workout. It helps improve circulation and flexibility, and it is soft, silky, and stretchable. These bands are perfect for all types of exercises from running to lifting weights. This soft material and design keeps you safe while targeting certain pain points that could make it difficult to exercise at home.
>The Brandster short loop bands are made of elastic material that's durable and comfortable to use. This material is also light, so you won't feel your wrist uncomfortable while wearing it. It's designed in a way that it can be adjusted to fit any size with no complicated tools or pins required

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