4/6/8/10/15/20/30cm Anti Bird Netting Fruit Crop Plant Knitted Pest Net Prevent Huting Catching 1.5×1.5cm Mesh

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1. Product name: Anti-bird Net
2. Material: Polyethylene
3. Color: Black
4. Size: 2x4M(6.6x 13FT),2x6M(6.6x19.7FT),3x8M(10x26FT),3x10M(10x33FT),3X15M(10x50FT),3x20M(10x66FT),8X30M(26x98.4FT)
5.Mesh hole size: 1.5x1.5cm

-Plant anti-bird netting.
-High quality polyethylene high temperature dissolving silk woven with anti-cold heat extremely long service life.
-Can effectively prevent the birds pecking, effectively prevent the flying chickens running around, in order to breed standardized management.
-It has a light, moderate shading and other effects, and create favorable conditions suitable for crop growth.
-Anti-bird netting also have to resist erosion and hail storms and other natural disasters invasion features.
-By covering the scaffolding built on artificial isolation barrier, the bird repellent outer web of breeding birds cut way to effectively control the spread of various types of birds, as well as the prevention of the spread of viral disease hazards.
-Suitable for covering ponds, are used around the garden, surrounded by mountains poultry farming, the best choice for small animal shelter.
Package Include:
1 x Anti-bird Net

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