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10 PACK - Silver Aluminium Foil Self Roofing Tape Duct Repairs Insulation Tape

10 PACK - Silver Aluminium Foil Self Roofing Tape Duct Repairs Insulation Tape

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Brand: Prime Solutions
Colour: Silver
Material: Aluminium
Number of Tapes: 10
Size Options: Length : 25 Meter, Thickness: 75MM, 96MM, 150MM

Prime Solutions Silver Square Aluminium Foil Tape

Stop struggling with messy, unreliable, and cumbersome duct tape. Prime Solutions aluminum foil tape is the new, modern alternative for home and professional use. Our aluminum foil tape is stronger than duct tape, easier to use, and more reliable for all of your taping needs. It can be used on almost anything- from sealing boxes to mounting posters to fixing appliance pipes. It's perfect for on-the-go projects that need a quick fix.

Key Features

Prime Solutions Aluminum Foil Tape is a lightweight, easy to use aluminum foil tape that can only be cut and torn. It provides you with the best value for your money since it can easily be reused in several projects instead of spending a lot on single use tapes. It doesn’t cause any harm to any surface, but at the same time, it effectively sticks to itself or its surroundings.
Aluminum foil tapes are used on seams and joints of fiberglass and aluminum backed duct board . Coated with a rubber based pressure sensitive, they provide an excellent barrier to vapor and conform to irregular surfaces. Aluminum foil tape may be used for shielding and covering thermal insulation. Moreover, it’s ready to use.
Wrap the insulation around each duct, allowing the vapor barrier backing to face out. Carefully seal every seam with the foil tape. Continue along the length of each duct, ensuring that every roll of insulation is securely taped to the adjacent strip of insulation.
Aluminum foil tapes are polymer coated, and they are perfect for coating electrical cables . The tapes can also be used for wrapping instruments, insulation cables, and any other temperature sensitive electrical material.
Prime Solutions Aluminum Foil Tape is a durable, permanent, and reliable product that will not peel off or tear. Unlike other tapes on the market, this tape will not leave residue behind and it can be removed without leaving behind any sticky residue. The tape is a good choice when you need to seal & protect.

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