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The Brandster

32oz Alkaline Water Bottle Stainless Steel Premium 9+ pH | Insulated Sports Water Bottle, Blue

32oz Alkaline Water Bottle Stainless Steel Premium 9+ pH | Insulated Sports Water Bottle, Blue

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The Brandster 32oz/ 946ml PH 9+ Insulated Stainless Steel Antioxidant Alkaline Sports Water Bottle With Hydrogen Drinking Ionizer Water Filter BPA free For Daily Fitness, Gym, Jogging, Yoga Workouts

>Brand: The Brandster
>Color: Navy Blue
>Eco friendly
>No chemicals
>Promote bowel movement
>Premium stainless steel
>Safe for dishwasher

>Capacity: 946 Milliliters
>Material: Stainless Steel
>PH 9 Balanced
>Product dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 27.48 cm
>Weight: 907.18 Grams
>Keeps Cold for 12+Hours
>Vacuum Insulated
>Replaceable Filter

1x Stainless steel alkaline flask bottle

This The Brandster alkaline stainless steel water bottle has good thermal insulation performance and leak-proof performance. It contains an alkaline water media cartridge that has high-quality ceramic balls that have multi-functions. Use this bottle can drink alkaline healthy water anytime anywhere. It can regulate the pH of the human body, keeping our bodies in a more alkaline state will boost immunity. Rich-in natural minerals (Ka, Ca, Na, Mg), provide necessary minerals to the human body. The purified water has low ORP, strong antioxidant ability, women drinking alkaline water can effectively delay aging, effectively prevent the skin from sagging, and make the skin more elastic. The filtered water has much hydrogen, drinking rich hydrogen water regularly can remove toxins and waste from the human body and enhance personal immunity. Drinking regularly can also Loosen bowel to relieve constipation.

>Alkaline water is recommended to maintain a more alkaline state in the human body. The Brandster stainless steel alkaline water bottle has an advanced filtration system that manages to remove 99.99% of heavy metals and chemicals found in tap water, helping to maintain the body's pH level and overall health.
>The Brandster PH 9 insulated stainless steel alkaline water bottle is a stainless steel bottle that has an inner sleeve made of BPA-free Triton plastic. The sleeve is filled with an alkaline solution, which reacts with the water inside the bottle to create a layer of insulation that makes the water colder for up to 24 hours.
>The alkaline water bottle gives you water with a negative ORP which means it is antioxidant in nature . Regular purified water has a positive ORP. Products with a negative ORP value are good for health and delay aging.
>The Brandster PH 9 insulated stainless steel alkaline water bottle is an easy-to-carry water bottle that can fit in small spaces. With its sleek design and insulation, it is perfect for the gym or on the go. It is is perfect for athletes who want to hydrate and fuel their bodies at the same time, professionals who are constantly on-the-go, or anyone who just wants healthy drinking water
>The Brandster alkaline water bottle helps you lead a healthier life by providing you with a more sustainable option for drinking water. With its environmentally-friendly design, it also helps reduce waste and environmental pollution by using eco-friendly packaging materials and reducing transportation fuel consumption.
>The Brandster PH 9 is a water bottle that can help to relieve bowel movement. It has a carbon filter that removes chlorine and other impurities from water, which helps to promote bowel movement. As well as it has micro cluster water molecules that can naturally help users with bowel movements and promote good health.

You can enjoy the benefits of hydrogenated alkaline water with The Brandster water bottle. All you have to do is add water and wait for about 5 minutes. The bottle is designed with natural mineral stone, safe and improve the taste. In order to show more intuitively, we put the media cartridge of the stainless steel water bottle in the transparent water cup for testing. Not only alkaline antioxidant water, but also removes chlorine from water.

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