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The Brandster

Olympic Barbell Pad Squat Shoulder Cushion Weight Bar Weightlifting Support

Olympic Barbell Pad Squat Shoulder Cushion Weight Bar Weightlifting Support

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The Brandster Barbell Pad Squat Pad Neck Cushion Foam Shoulder Pad Neck Back Protective Pad Fitness Padded Attachment Squat Pads for Lunges and Squats, Weightlifting

>Brand: The Brandster
>Color: Black
>Prevents Bruising & Injuries
>Helps Injured Persons Exercise Easily
>Great for Other Exercise Routines
>High Density Foam
>Portable- Lightweight Design

>Material: EVA Foam
>Size: 45*10CM
>Load Capacity: 150 kg
>Grip Type: Padded
>1.3 inch thick protective layer
>Sport Type: Weightlifting, Exercise and Fitness, Bodybuilding

1x High quality barbell cushion squat foam pad

The Brandster barbell pad is perfect for you! Specially engineered to ensure an even weight distribution across the shoulders, it reduces discomfort and pressure so you can train as hard as you need, We have black color, so we send black color.

>Measuring 17.71” × 3.93”, great for all levels, help you focus and push the limits, fits most of sizes including standard and Olympic bars.

>The Brandster barbell pad is a sleeve of foam designed to wrap around barbells and increase comfort while lifting. This Barbell Pad is intended for anyone who wants to strengthen their lifting muscles without compromising their comfort.
>The leather-like material of the sleeve has an improved grip, which prevents slippage while the user leans back during their lifts. Additionally, the foam will not absorb sweat like conventional pads do, meaning that it can be used in any type of weather.
>A perfect home gym equipment which assists in a wide range of workout exercises such as sit ups, pushups, planks, ab exercises, crunches, back, core, legs, waist, hips and entire body exercises. Tones and Shapes your body.
>If you're getting bruised by the barbell, use a squat pad every workout . If you experience a shoulder, neck, or back injury and the pain is stopping you from getting back under the bar then a squat pad can help.
>It has an easy-to-carry design which means that It is perfect for people who are always on the go such as gym enthusiasts, fitness instructors, etc. With a sturdy design, it can be comfortably placed on any flat surface in order to protect your back and its aimless padding ensures that It is comfortable for use.
>This Barbell Pad is a truly universal weight lifting pad designed to give users the most stability while lifting. It provides the same level of stability in all workouts, no matter what machine is being used. It ensures maximum muscle activation by supporting and stabilizing muscles and joints as they work, thereby reducing the risk of injuries to your back and other body parts including your neck and knees.

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